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did you plan yes, but a trip forgot to say:
to go somewhere it was I’m not made from spells

you promised to I didn’t, tell me knowing you’d take
about all casting both these and crafting hands from me

you should wash without them your hands I’d have only
before waving them a few like that bones and charms


such a misty a circle shape will of spells and
take you to cures, this that locus drifting, driving cloud-charm

your headwear those I made cumulus formations; my eyeglass from
how is it animal skins, you see teeth, and sinew

we have animals of course: that are this covers both
ours: their lives eyes with really matter other deer, bears


give me your no, I’ll sight, so keep them: it’s
I’ll see that full of buried place myths and fables

I’ve always told give me them, using your speech, so
my mouth as you can’t a lur follow me there

no, I’ll keep when I this mouth: look at crystals,
it’s full of you are sharp crystals no longer there

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Exchanging" was previously published in open.txt
It can be viewed (and heard) here

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