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it’s easy to see you’re not why we incorrect; it’s a wonder
fit together like people a glade: and graves a grove that’s two

to see the face, mine isn’t, the transparent – and I don’t think
I hope – face of yours is the other either: it’s a briar

we’ll paw through the I could thicket to swim for days through
find out each other, quarks, quirks, though endless and all other matter

well, we have plenty I won’t of days tire easily in transit
to stroke, and paw, to the maybe paddle farthest pinhole in you


where from: a barren, how did a coven, you guess these perfect
a whale’s husk, or sinkholes for sacrificial pit perfect pitched timely arrivals

what shape: does your formations, they’re likings or growing in the shape
leanings take; I see you saw; my own for us they happen

who made: one lone how can set of birds in twos sound
two or two sets like one of one without breaking the ear

why ask: it’s important climb and to know clamber to the crux:
the tree’s true state you’ll see of decay something nearly, almost, not-quite


let’s laugh in the Priam, pram; manner of Darius, dairymaid; son of
the kings of elder god, dog’s ways, together sun; is it funny

I stand a stork, you are a laughable so fool-like; still making
fellow, a light rictus, these peels am I unwrapped to make free

free, we can shed caught, by these furs no coincidence we loiter
and skins, let’s tear in each our musculature other’s tents and triangles

I’ve spent it, in what will you; you this change in parts
have it, the orb: designed to the shimmer shift into each other


that’s the terror – real twinning, twining; or no – tuning, turning; aren’t those
that’s engendered by coupling: the reasons some simulacra we bent to bridge

this ideal: the twin, asking now the mirror-made, may be a question
are we sure we far-flung into wanted this the past, its pasture

which blessings free us, do we whose psalms; need to, since one
are these curses, are sole pheasant they jinx-shaped is the smallest target

but now one can’t dignified bear, see itself: your bearing; sprinting cat,
woman-witch one makes choices; catapult your man-mage cabin way to the freeway

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"Forming" was previously published in The Rusty Toque
It can be viewed (and heard) here

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